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ब्राण्ड /मॉडलCaterpillar Cat C1.1 Diesel 3-Cylinder Engine 318-1670 UNUSED
Extra optionsNew/unused
आन्तरिक स्टॉक नम्बर776508
पार्ट आईडी318-1670
निर्माण/सीरियल संख्याC6L00401
परिवहन का वजन160 किलोग्राम
डिलिवरी की शर्तेंEXW
अन्य सूचनाCATERPILLAR C1.1 318-1670 DIESEL 3-CYLINDER ENGINE 8KW~19KW C6L00401

New / unused stock lot.
Similar to Perkins 403D-11.

Suitable to a large variety of applications in agricultural, lawn
and garden, construction, material handling, general industrial
and electric power.

Engine Family 8H3XL1.13LCS.
3-cylinder diesel engine.
Arrangement number 318-1670.
Displacement 1.131L
Bore 77mm. Stroke 81mm.
Power category 8 to 19kW.
Serial number: C6L00401.
Weight approximately 160KG.
Comes with hoses, brackets, starter engine, alternator and radiator.
Pallet dimensions: 100cm length x 60cm width x 89cm height.
See for more detailed pictures / product movie on our website.
Price is excluded VAT.

All weights and dimensions are approximately.
Above spefications are subject to change without any prior notice and subject to errors.

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John Deere2318
विवरण - आन्तरिक स्टॉक नम्बर: 776508, पार्ट आईडी: 318-1670, निर्माण/सीरियल संख्या: C6L00401, परिवहन का वजन: 160 किलोग्राम, डिलिवरी की शर्तें: EXW